Byblos Sur Mer

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Dar L’Azrak (Summer Venue)

At Byblos Sur Mer, we offer a broad range of options for dining, from a delectable bistro breakfast to a five-star gourmet meal upon request at the edge of the sea or the heart of history.

Dine over the waves at Dar L’Azrak, our outdoor restaurant that extends out over the water, offering panoramic views of both city and seascape. Choose from a broad selection of fresh seafood and Lebanese mezze, paired with a perfectly chilled glass of Lebanese arak. Dar L’Azrak is located just in front of the hotel, at the entrance of Sophia Bay.

Open from 12:00 noon till midnight (summer season)

Restaurant capacity: 170 guests


Dar L’Azrak – Masa

Dine above the remnants of ancient civilizations in the dining room of Masa, located to the left of the hotel’s entrance. This beautiful dining room rests atop Byzantine and Roman ruins, discovered during the redesign of the hotel. Savor gourmet Lebanese cuisine and let your imagination wander across the moonlit sea, or beneath the glass floors between the illuminated, mysterious remains of another era.

Open from 12:00 noon till midnight.

Restaurant capacity: 150 guests




Café Tournesol

Our homestyle bistro cafe serves scrumptious breakfasts and fresh salads, sandwiches, and delicious pizzas, to be savored over magnificent views of the Crusader’s Castle, ancient port, and Mediterranean Sea.
Open from 7:00 am till midnight.
Restaurant capacity: 70 guests


Al Marsa- Shisha Café (summer venue)

Framing the crystal clear blue waters, cheap mlb jerseys our exquisite Shisha Cafe overlooks the world! beauty wholesale jerseys of the Mediterranean Sea. Tiberio Al Marsa is the ideal Center spot to indulge in a wholesale nfl jerseys sunset cocktail, a friendly gathering Aniversario around a shisha the or wholesale jerseys even cheap nba jerseys a delicious meal Sophia by the sea.
Open from 10:00 am till midnight.
Restaurant capacity: 200 guests (summer season)