Byblos Sur Mer

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Events and Meetings

Corporate Meetings


As an ideal setting for a welcoming and hospitable professional affair, Byblos Sur Mer can accommodate between 70 (classroom seating) to 150 participants (theater-style seating) in our ground-floor daylit or underground conference facilities. Our facilities feature all of the necessary audiovisual equipment, in a distinguished yet charming environment.



For team-building events, we can also coordinate treasure hunts, boat tours, fossil mining, or outdoor seaside activities like fishing and diving.


Every couple yearns for eternal love, and there is no place more perfect to celebrate such an ageless emotion than Byblos, mythical site of the romantic legend of Adonis and Aphrodite.

To celebrate a day that will live on in time, Byblos Sur Mer offers a magical setting in three unique wedding venues:

Dar L’Azrak (summer venue) – Seafood menu, suitable for up to 150 persons

Dar L’Azrak (winter venue) – Chef’s menu, suitable for up to 130 persons

Sophia Bay – Custom arrangements available, suitable for up to 700 persons

Special Touches

Religious Service – As the hotel is located near the medieval cathedral of St. John the Baptist, if the bride and groom choose to perform the wedding service there, it would be possible to walk the zaffe from the church to the steps of Byblos Sur Mer, where a fairy tale reception awaits.

Honeymoon Suite – For the newlywed bride and groom, there is no finale more romantic than a retreat to a wonderful honeymoon suite overlooking the endless beauty of the sea.

Overnight Guests – It is possible to book the hotel for wedding guests, from several rooms up to the hotel in its entirety, for a fully private and highly exclusive affair.

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