Byblos Sur Mer reveals the spirit of Byblos city in a warm, peaceful, and romantic setting that honors both past and present. Originally built in 1967, Byblos Sur Mer was reborn in 2010 as a charming boutique hotel where modern luxury marries an odyssey of 7,000 years of history.


Exquisitely set at the edge of the sea, Byblos Sur Mer embraces the ancient port and castle on one side, and an endless expanse of deep blue on the other. We offer our guests the comforts of a home at the heart of a legend, in a carefully decorated space furnished with local art and artisanal wares, ancient relics, and precious items from private collections.


Byblos Sur Mer is a tribute to Byblos and its history as much as it is a first class hotel hosting a full array of amenities at an international standard. We invite our guests to unwind and experience enchanting moments with us that just might be as eternally unforgettable as the city of Byblos itself.