At Byblos Sur Mer, discover some of the hidden treasures that lie between our walls, whispering tales of times gone by.


Byzantine Mosaic – An authentic and restored Mediterranean Byzantine mosaic of native birds to Byblos was acquired by the hotel, where it decorates the upper wall of the lobby leading to Cafe Tournesol.




Ottoman Well – An Ottoman-era well discovered during our renovations has been aesthetically incorporated into the stairwell that leads to our conference facilities.






Archeological Ruins – Beneath the glass floors of our dining room in the hotel lie the archeological remnants of city walls, water canalizations, pottery fragments, and an ancient oven from the Roman and Byzantine periods, as well as a Hellenistic well.



Oriental Carpets – From the private collection of a generous local benefactor, fine, hand-woven silk carpets from India bedeck our walls, and handmade Persian rugs grace our floors.




Heritage Lace – Pieces of hand-woven decorative lace made in Lebanon are beautifully mounted on the walls of our some of our suites, reflecting a centuries-old artisanal craft of the area of Byblos. Generously donated to Byblos Sur Mer by the owner of the hotel, these historical works of fine lace are delicate, dainty, and romantic, recalling an era when women used to sit together and weave decorative lace items for family members and friends as they told stories well on into the hours.


Lebanese Antiques – Blending in with all of the modern comforts of the hotel is a broad collection of antique pieces of furniture and accessories from Lebanon. Most are from the 20th century, with particularly unique piece from the art deco period.